Introducing the method for implementing your own face extension kit (face recognition kit) by linking NAVER Cloud Platform’s CFR (CLOVA Face Recognition) and CLOVA Face Recognition service API.

Learn more about NAVER Cloud Platform’s CFR API

NAVER Cloud Platform’s CFR (link) is a face recognition API that provides various information on faces. This API service is useful when recognizing faces with input vision data or when creating applications using face detection. You can find the celebrity who looks most similar to the face in the image, or get information on the contour, position of the eyes, nose, and mouth, and expression of the face.

To help with your game data analysis, NAVER Cloud Platform has released Game Report, the big data analysis service for games!

Game Report
- NAVER Cloud Platform’s game data analysis expert

Precise game data analysis
Game designs to balance adjustments

So what features does Game Report have?
Let’s take a closer look at its characteristics and features.

Game Report — what kind of service is it?

Game Report is a big data analysis service for games that uses all game data to analyze various indicators.

The developer can check in-game indicators in real-time and implement game balancing based on collected data. …

“We are using NAVER Cloud Platform server to operate our drone control system.”

How is NAVER Cloud Platform’s service used in operating the drone control system for construction sites?

On February 4, Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. and NAVER Cloud signed a business agreement for the initiation of a cloud-based remote drone control business.

Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. is the first Korean construction company to develop a drone control system (DW-CDS). This system enables the remote film monitoring of process records and safety management of construction sites by using drones.

This year, drone-related services will be offered…

#MMORPG masterpiece #WildGod distributor
What is the game operation platform of choice for #Day1Entertainment?

Hello everyone! This is NAVER Cloud Platform!

Today’s client case is a story about Wild God, an MMORPG distributed by Day1 Entertainment, and a game that has been enjoying immense popularity since its release in the beginning of August.

The company’s latest work, Wild God, became a national topic of conversation when Lee Jung Jae, a famous Korean actor appeared in its commercial. …

Hello! This is NAVER Cloud Platform.

Today, we’re bringing news about a solution that contains everything you need for e-commerce, the launch of META Commerce.

“META Commerce is an e-commerce solution by Forbiz Korea, based on technology they’re accumulated through more than 300 projects for more than 10 years in building e-commerce solutions. It will be provided free of charge on NAVER Cloud Platform.” (Source: Digital Times, November 2020)

After the news of the solution contract being signed last November, it’s finally here! #METACommerce is out as a dedicated product for NAVER Cloud. …

“We are nurturing talent in medical artificial intelligence, using high-performance cloud infrastructure”

AI speaker that plays music when you just say a word, AI dubbing that converts text into voices, even an AI program that has beaten a world-class go player. (like AlphaGo…)

These are the faces of artificial intelligence we’ve seen and are getting to know now.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is recognized as a technology that will change the world as we know it in 10 years, or 100 years if we’re looking at the long run. We’ve visited the Department of Medical Artificial Intelligence at Konyang University, where…

Hello, this is NAVER Cloud Platform.

Today, we’re going to use Terraform, an open source IaaC (Infrastructure as a Code) for infrastructure automation, to build a VPC environment.

Let’s get started!

What is VPC?

To help better understand VPC, let’s consider an example.

  • We have Company N, offering an identical solution to 3 tenants, A, B, and C.
  • One account managed by Company N builds infrastructures dedicated to individual tenants to service them independently.

Hello, this is NAVER Cloud Platform.

Today, we’re going to briefly introduce the API Gateway product,
and explain how to build an Open API service by using it.

These days, a lot of services are being developed to be able to control with an API, and such APIs are provided to regular users as Open APIs. For example, various Open API services provided by NAVER Cloud Platform such as Maps and CAPTCHA are being serviced using API Gateway.

In order to service these Open APIs, there are many things to consider, such as security and authentication, usage amount control, management…

Hello everyone! This is NAVER Cloud Platform back with a new client case.

COVID-19 has been a catalyst in producing the online culture, and shopping is not an exception. In particular, live commerce using real-time video apps has gone mainstream.

Today’s customer story is Grip, the leading video live commerce platform at the center of this trend.

Watch live broadcasts and buy products all in Grip!

With Grip, sellers can easily go live anytime, anywhere.

Customers can communicate with sellers via broadcasting chats and ask questions about the products. They can also buy the products introduced to them by the…


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