Game Report, NAVER Cloud Platform’s game data analysis expert

To help with your game data analysis, NAVER Cloud Platform has released Game Report, the big data analysis service for games!

Game Report
- NAVER Cloud Platform’s game data analysis expert

Precise game data analysis
Game designs to balance adjustments

So what features does Game Report have?
Let’s take a closer look at its characteristics and features.

Game Report — what kind of service is it?

Game Report is a big data analysis service for games that uses all game data to analyze various indicators.

The developer can check in-game indicators in real-time and implement game balancing based on collected data. Additionally, various features such as status of increase or decrease in sales, user access status, event tracking, and cohort analysis are available for use.

What kind of features are available in Game Report?

Game Report feature #1: In-depth data analysis in games

All game data are analyzed to provide various analysis information, such as user play status and item spending indicator. Game balancing is coordinated to the optimum, and level designs and big data-based game designs can be implemented.

In-depth data analysis in games —

Game Report feature #2: Real-time indicator analysis

Key indicators, such as user access status, sales, game goods, and play patterns, are analyzed in real-time and displayed with good readability.
After the release of a new product or update, you can check various indicators and user responses in real-time, immediately identify its success and areas for improvement, and adjust the game balance whenever necessary.

Real-time indicator analysis —

Game Report feature #3: Cohort analysis and user analysis fragmentation

You can create a customized cohort that considers user characteristics, then analyze the data by group. Data such as OS information, inflow path, user level, and game goods consumption can be compared and analyzed by the set group.

Cohort analysis and user analysis fragmentation —

Game Report feature #4: Provision of raw log viewer service

The raw data of game analysis information and various search features that are helpful in game development and analysis are provided. You can view user access logs, item acquisition, and spending records, and game content play information in detail.

Provision of the raw log viewer service —

Summary of Game Report features

Game Report provides the SDK with integrated log sets optimized for game analysis. It can be used by customizing for games of various genres, including MMORPG, action, casual, STG, and simulation. The following is a list-up of the features that this service product provides.

Game Report, the big data expert for your games

In this post, we took a look at the characteristics and features. We hope that this new product will be able to provide you with background and information on your game to further enhance the gaming experience and quality for your users!

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