Configuring Online Services Easily with OCR and TTS — Part 1 (Fusing OCR & CSS services)

<Figure 1> Creating a non-contact service using OCR & TTS in NAVER Cloud Platform

Looking into NAVER Cloud Platform’s OCR Service

<Figure 2> NAVER broke the record in character recognition, surpassing the world’s strongest player, China.
<Figure 3> CLOVA OCR in summary
<Figure 4> NAVER Cloud Platform’s OCR process

NAVER Cloud Platform’s OCR service has three main superior features.

<Table 1> Services provided by NAVER Cloud Platform’s OCR

Text Extraction through NAVER Cloud Platform OCR API

Introducing Main APIs

<Figure 5> NAVER Cloud Platform OCR User Manual (Source:
<Figure 6> NAVER Cloud Platform OCR API Linkage Manual (Source:​
<Figure 7> NAVER Cloud Platform OCR API Invoke Manual (Source:
<Figure 8> NAVER Cloud Platform OCR Custom API Manual (Source:
<Figure 9> NAVER Cloud Platform API gateway (Source:
<Figure 10> NAVER Cloud Platform API gateway architecture

Request Subscription for OCR Service

<Figure 11> NAVER Cloud Platform OCR Service Terms of Service and request for subscription
<Figure 12, 13> NAVER Cloud Platform OCR domain registration
<Figure 14> Creating password and registering API gateway invoke URL
<Figure 16> Run Postman and type in header information
<Table 2> Example of OCR API header key/value
<Figure 17> Example of OCR API Request Body. For more information, refer to <Code 1>
"images": [
"format": "png",
"name": "medium",
"data": null,
"url": ""
"lang": "ko",
"requestId": "string",
"resultType": "string",
"timestamp": {{$timestamp}},
"version": "V1"
<Figure 18> Example of OCR API Response Body

Learning more about OCR API

<Figure 19> OCR custom API manual [OCR Custom API]:

OCR API Request

<Figure 20> OCR API request details
<Figure 21> OCR API request header
<Figure 22> OCR API request body
<Figure 23> Field details on the image recognition request in OCR API request body

OCR API Response

<Figure 24> OCR API Response JSON
<Figure 25> Detailed field description of OCR API Response JSON
<Figure 26> Detailed description on the image field in OCR API Response



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